Software QA Engineer

What is this about?

We’re a small group of veteran entrepreneurs seeking to disrupt the established century-old industry of electrical motor control. We’re building up the team and are seeking a few amazing individuals that can share our vision of building a fantastic product that will be used by millions.

We’ve already secured our financing and we have committed strategic partners on-board, so it’s really up to us to execute and make sure we bring value to customers through the product we’re creating.

If you’re passionate about testing products that integrate software with electronics;
If you define a “bad day” as a day where you haven’t broken anything; and
If you want to work with a small, dedicated and effective team.

Then, you should contact us right away.

(You can also read-on to understand the different skill-sets we’re looking for.)

You should be an expert in:

  • Asking tough questions that will make a product better;

  • Writing and maintaining tests cases and tests plans;

  • Testing IoT systems that combine electronic, embedded software and cloud UIs;

  • And if you’re familiar with industrial control protocols, motor control and/or Linux tools, all the better.

And this is what we'd expect of you:

  • Write and maintain test cases and test plans with tools such as XRay, Zephir, Testrail to validate user interfaces and software behaviors;

  • Execute test plans and create test plan reports;

  • Automate some testing tasks;

  • Read and understand hardware schematics as well as software architecture diagrams;

  • Measure electric signals with oscilloscope, logical analyzer and power meters.

You will be part of an experiences start-up team where:

  • Your voice will be heard and you will feel the impact of your work;

  • You won’t lose time in endless meetings or presentations;

  • You will work hard and have fun doing it.

Our offices are located in downtown Montreal, near Bonaventure Station.

If you’re up to it, contact us now using the form below!


400 Montfort Street

Montreal, QC

H3C 4J9

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