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IIoT Linux Embedded Developer

What is this about?

We’re a small group of veteran entrepreneurs seeking to disrupt an established century-old industry. We’re building up the team and are seeking a few amazing individuals that can share our vision of building a fantastic product that will be used by millions.

We’ve already secured our financing and we have committed strategic partners on-board, so it’s really up to us to execute and make sure we bring value to customers through the product we’re creating.

If you’re an expert at Linux embedded systems;
If you want to build something real with disruptive potential; and
If you want to work with a small, dedicated and effective team.

Then, you should contact us right away.

(You can also read-on to understand the different skill-sets we’re looking for.)

You should be an expert in:

  • Creating REST API and gRPC API for IoT devices;

  • Optimizing REDIS and SQLITE3 database usage on Linux embedded systems;

  • Golang, C/C++ and UNIX Shell scripting.

And this is what we'd expect of you:

  • Create REST API and gRPC API in Golang on Linux embedded systems;

  • Modify and maintain custom Linux distribution created with Yocto and Poky;

  • Write reusable, testable, and efficient code (following SOLID principles);

  • Design, implements and test low-latency, high-availability applications;

  • Implement and/or integrates user-facing elements with embedded server-side logic;

  • Implement and/or integrates real-time elements with embedded server-side logic;

  • Test and validate overall solution;

  • Maintain continuous integration (CI);

  • Implement security and data protection in their solution;

  • Integrate elements that are using low bandwidth communication protocols such as Modbus-RT/TCP and BLE;

You will be part of an experienced start-up team :

  • Your voice will be heard and you will feel the impact of your work;

  • You won't lose time in endless meetings or presentations;

  • You will work hard and have fun doing it.

We offer competitive salaries, group insurance plans and our offices are located in downtown Montreal, near Bonaventure Station.

If you’re up to it, contact us now using the form below!